Why Am I Running?

"we cannot make good decisions from a distance. Proximity is essential." [Bryan stevenson]

What can be more proximate than being a teacher, working in our schools and classrooms everyday? We need leaders on the Board of Education who truly understand the root of our work. As an educator, advisor, and coach, I bring to the board my experiences and perspectives that can only help us make more informed decisions.

With your support, I know we can move faster towards building a world-class school system that supports all students and ensures every classroom is staffed with an excellent teacher.



Focus on Teaching and Learning

Increasing effectiveness of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) for schools

Building pipelines for teacher leadership development

Adequate salary and resources for educators

Fostering diversity in staffing and recruiting

Strengthening teacher coaching and developing curricular expertise

Hiring and retaining local talent


Elevate Parent, Student, Teacher, and Community Voice

Ensuring decision makers are truly listening to parents, students, teachers, and community

Fostering alignment amongst San Francisco's City leaders, District staff, and community activists

Revisiting and reimagining the school assignment system

Proactively engaging parents and families through the LCAP process

Expanding and deepening community partnerships, especially with the technology sector

Preparing students to live choice-filled lives


Promote Safe and Inclusive Schools

Understanding Social Emotional Learning and Restorative Practices

Offering more opportunities for cultural competency and implicit bias training, and supporting culturally responsive teaching

Evaluating the IEP/SST process for families and schools

Supporting professional development on mindfulness and response to trauma

Developing curriculum that is local and relevant to San Francisco history and culture  

Expanding high-quality wraparound services for students and families

Establishing positive culture and climate in our schools


Encourage Innovative and Data Driven Practices

Conducting a needs analysis on data and systems

Promoting investments in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, (STEAM) and Maker Spaces

Integrating 21st century learning into our everyday teaching

Expanding access to early childhood education, summer enrichment programs, and after-school programs

Ensuring cohesive and systematic support for students from Pre-Kindergarten to and through college, life, and career



As the Board takes on important questions and issues, I want to ensure that the voice of the communities I serve, including that of educators, is heard. If there is a seat at the table, all the communities impacted should be represented. If we want to pay more teachers, support more targeted programs, and build and maintain sustainable facilities for our schools, priorities will need to shift and resources will inevitably need to be reallocated. I believe my experience both personally and professionally makes me uniquely positioned to be able to make the informed and nuanced decisions and policies necessary to elevate the needs of students, families, and teachers, and allow SFUSD to be a district where all students, regardless of neighborhood, socio-economic status, or race, can have an equitable education.